Computers will fail. People make mistakes. Important data disappears. Most of us know that each of these three-word sentences is true, yet it seems that very few of us have a process in place to ensure that, in the event of a hardware failure or human error, our important data is protected from oblivion. So much of our lives depend on the reliability — and existence — of our data. There is really no excuse to not have even a rudimentary backup plan in place.

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  1. If you have only one copy of a file, then it's obviously not that important
  2. If you have only one backup mechanism, that's better than none but no guarantee of digital safety
  3. If you are not testing your backups, then what starts out as a bad day may turn out to be something much, much worse

Backups do not have to be expensive, nor do they need to be complicated. They do, however, need to be something we pay attention to.